Top Tips for Bathroom Organization 

1. Use Your Medicine Cabinet 

To keep your bathroom organized, make the medicine cabinet in your bathroom a repository of things that you use and need regularly. This means trashing any outdated medicines as well as relocating excess ones to another place. According to experts, the most ideal way to have a cleaner and more organized bathroom countertop is to change the way how you use your kitchen cabinet. Furthermore, medicine cabinets are best used for supplies that are used for everyday grooming rather than medicines that are rarely used.

Bathroom Organization

To make sure your medicine cabinet is organized, keep the same items in their own specific storage containers or trays and then label them. You can also make storage bins in the linen closet and underneath the sink. When you have to use something, you can simply and easily slide the entire storage bin out. You may also choose to move the medicines from your medicine cabinet into your kitchen since moisture can potentially ruin them. Through creating active storage inside your medicine cabinet, you will be able to maximize the time that is spent in the bathroom, thus, giving you more allocated time to organize other spaces inside the house.

2. Minimize Hair Product Clutter

Combs, curlers, sprays, hair dryers, and gels can certainly take up a huge space inside the bathroom. For an effective and quick organization method, you can purchase a plastic tub that you can place under the sink and then you can be able to load it up with all your hair product supplies. The moment you are placing them in the container one by one, try to evaluate whether you still use that certain product, or if you use that product most of the time. If not, you can donate it to a charity, relatives or friends. In addition to that, when you are going to fix your hair, you can simply take out the tub from under the sink as well as put away after using it without creating mess anymore.

3. Install Creative Towel Storage

If you have a small towel rack and it cannot accommodate the towels of each member of the family, you can use more hooks inside the bathroom. As a matter of fact, towel hooks are easy to mount and very affordable, making it the best option for towel organization. Towel hooks can certainly create a much bigger space so that all member of the family can be able to hang their individual towels. Aside from that, the floor in the bathroom will also remain dry most of the time because the towels will be dried much faster since it is hanged individually.

4. Add Function and Style with Jars

If you have huge space on the countertop of your bathroom as well as don’t mind leaving open things out, you can invest in some stylish jars to hold other daily necessities. Soap, bath salts and cotton swabs certainly look great in clear jar containers. These are also handy especially when visitors use your bathroom since they can easily help themselves without having the need to snoop in your cabinets. If you don’t have enough countertop space in your bathroom, you can consider hiring a bathroom contractor in Temecula.


Transform Your Green Pool To A Blue Dream Paradise

If you leave your pool untreated, then it will naturally turn green in color, and this will surely prevent you from jumping into a pool. People may think that it is an impossible task to turn it back into a more attractive color, but there is a lot of easy steps that you can follow and your pool will make you have urges to swim in your pool once again.


When your water turns green, there is a certain shade of darkness that you won’t be able to turn it around. That is why you have to determine how dark green your pool is, because if it is too green that means you will have to drain you whole swimming pool and replace with brand new batch. It may be a waste of time and effort to attempt to clean it, because it is highly unlikely to revert back to its original form.

People may be against the idea of draining the pool and filling it up again because it is time consuming and may cost a lot of money. But this is the most ideal thing to do because the dark green color of the water may contain a lot of bacteria and pests  that you may not be able to take out during the cleaning process. Completely changing the quality of the water will be safest to swim in for you and the other people who will use it.

If you are not sure how to determine if the shade is green is too dark or not, you can judge it by how much transparent the water is. If you cannot see the bottom of the swimming pool, then chances are your pool is too dirty to repair. But if you still can see parts of the pool, then you can treat it chemically and in no time it will be back to its natural blue color.

One best way to wipeout the bacteria in your swimming pool is fighting it with an acidic component, in particular you will need Chlorine to properly clean your pool. When you apply Chlorine, it is best that you turn on the filter pump and try to cover the whole surface area with chlorine. Chlorine is used to destroy the bacteria and pathogens that are living in your swimming pool.

After leaving your pool to marinate for 24 hours filled with chlorine, then it will be time to start filtering and pumping your pool back to health. Basically, this is a continuous cycle that pumps water into a system and goes through a process of cleansing, at the end of the cycle the system will pump out cleaner water. This will go on and on until your water is free from and type of dirt and discoloration.

Once you have gotten your swimming pool back to top form, the next step is a constant process of maintenance. Maintaining your pool doesn’t take a lot of your time and effort, you just need to make sure you check on it every now and then to ensure that there are no issues. If you see that there are debris on the surface, just make sure you net it out and do not wait for it to accumulate. You can also get a pool remodeling in San Diego if you want something new.