Reasons to Upgrade Your New HVAC Unit

At one point in time, almost all homeowners want to improve their properties. While occasionally this includes a facelift to your bathroom or kitchen, or finishing your basement, the most thorough renovation jobs involve creating a totally new add-on to your home. When creating a new addition to your home, you should consider how to cool and heat it, so it is comfortable for you and your family all year long.

Some areas have a climate that is very hot and presents adversities on its own. It is very essential to work with the best installation service in order to create an HVAC unit which will work with your brand-new addition.

Cooling and Heating: A New Add-on to Your House

When you deal with a huge remodeling project such as a brand-new wing, it creates several possibilities however, the procedure may not be as easy as it should. But still, it is not something you can ignore or neglect, most especially in an area with extreme temperatures.

There are 3 primary options for cooling and heating a new add-on. These include extending your present HVAC unit, adding a totally independent and new system or upgrading to a bigger system. However, it’s really best that you contact a professional for furnace repair near me or maintenance if you are planning to install these systems in your house.

Extending Your Current HVAC Unit

Simply extending your present HVAC unit may be your most genuine option however, you have to be sure it is the best option. As a matter of fact, you will need to have a load calculation and energy audit performed first. This simply means consulting with professional and highly skilled HVAC service providers in order to be certain that your present HVAC unit has the power necessary to extend the current ductwork into the new add-on.

If it has the needed power, you will have to do the appropriate steps. This means rebalancing the flow of air so that all portions of your house get the appropriate level of air delivery.

The Independent HVAC System

Some individuals have nothing to do with the use of their HVAC unit altogether and install a totally separate unit for the addition such as a mini split or ductless heat pump. This can also be great for additions which will not be used most of the time. In addition to that, they allow you to handle cooling and heating with high efficiency, as well, and to control every room in your new place with its own system. It can also create higher cooling and heating costs because you need to settle for a totally new system.

Upgrading Your Current Unit

If the load calculation helps you find out that your current unit is not powerful and large enough, you will have to upgrade the existing HVAC unit in your house to a bigger one. This will let you utilize the current ductwork and make minimal interference with your entire home. However, you will need to take note for the insulation, sun exposure, size and some other factors of the remodeling so you can be certain to get the appropriate size of the system.

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