Things to Know about Stump Grinding

When you have your tree removed, then a stump will be left in the ground. That stump has to go because it is nothing but an eye sore and a habitat for pests. You may wait a week or two to grind the stump after the tree is removed or you may get the stump grinding service underway as soon as you have the tree cut.  

There are several ways to remove the tree stump from the ground and stump grinding is one of your many options. Stump grinding is more like chopping part the stump and its protruding roots until no trace is left behind. When done right, no masses from the stump will be left and all the wood shaving will be mixed with the dirt.  

Stump Grinding Versus Other Methods 

Aside from stump grinding, the other popular method of removing stump is by putting it out from the ground. This is a method that requires special tools that are different from the stump grinding method. Pulling the stump may leave a huge hole on the ground, which is why it is not the preferred choice by a lot of homeowners.  

The other method is by rotting the stump, which is also effective although it will take some time. If you need to remove the stump right away and if you’re not interested about handling chemicals that would speed up the tree stump’s rotting, then stump grinding will also sound like the better option for you.  

How Much Does Stump Grinding Cost? 

The cost of stump grinding will depend on the stump’s size. While the prices may differ greatly from state to state, the average cost of stump grinding is $6 per inch when its diameter is measured. Some companies may impose a minimum. If they do, it will be something between $150 and $200. 

There are other factors that could affect the cost of the service, such as if it’s easily accessible by the equipment. If there’s a fence, patio, or retaining wall that may affect the speed and quality of the service, then that’s going to pull the price higher as well.  

Should You Choose Stump Grinding? 

The manner with which to remove stumps will be entire your choice. Some would rather go for stump removal as it removed all of the tree out, which is good if you need to build a structure on the spot where the tree used to be. Make note that stump grinding can only handle what’s about the ground, and not under it. 

Some people also try to remove or grind stump on their own, which is also okay if they know what they’re doing. Some try to grind their stump using a chainsaw. That may be possible, although the feat is very difficult, not to mention hazardous. Chopped would will fly out in the air and it might be difficult to handle a chainsaw in ways other than laterally. If you need help with removing stump in your lawn, it is highly encouraged that you hire only the experts in Tree service Metairie 

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