Questions to Ask in a Stem Cell Clinic

Not all stem cell clinics are created the same. It is crucial that you know the questions to ask when making the choice to place all of your trust into a stem cell physician and clinic. It is also crucial that you understand whether you are getting the correct answers or not.  

Here are several questions that you can ask in a Dallas Fort Worth stem cell center 

What Cell Source Are You Using? 

The source of the cell is crucial. Stem cells are found in almost all parts of our body. However, not every stem cell is the same. The certain form of stem cells that are used to treat ankles, shoulders, hips, and knees can be acquired from a couple of sources. The bone marrow and the adipose tissue (the fat layer people have under the skin) are the most common sources of stem cells. The platelets found in the blood can help for several problems, such as a partial rotator cuff tear or mild joint arthritis. However, typically, the platelets in the blood aren’t enough for bigger areas of involvement.  

What is the Specialty of the Physician? 

The specialty of the physician is important. For instance, a musculoskeletal specialist can use Botox to treat illnesses called dystonia. Of course, several patients will ask if that specialist can perform a cosmetic Botox treatment. That specialist can. However, he or she will not probably do it since he or she is not a plastic surgeon or dermatologist. This means they do not have the unique training that those physicians undergo to obtain the ideal outcomes for their clients.  

What Type of Information You Report and Gather? 

You should ask where the data is. Stem cell therapy for arthritis is quite new. Almost every doctor categorizes them as “investigational care”. This means that the methods aren’t understood completely yet. That isn’t something that you have to be worried about. In fact, people still do not completely know how aspirin functions in our body after all these years. However, it does mean that they have to gather information at the clinic all the time. The information gathered should go beyond a mere phone call after the process. Clinics should ask you several questions that will include the pain level after and before the procedure, whether there were any issues from the procedure or not, and how well you can use the damaged joint now that the therapy is over. 

How Many Experience You Do Have? 

In medicine, the experience is everything. The better the results and the fewer the issues if a physician or surgeon has practiced a certain skill. For instance, surgeons will consider themselves professionals after 20 up to 60 procedures for almost every surgical procedure. Typically, they will not consider themselves a professional unless they have completed a procedure 200 times or more.  

Of course, this same principle can be applied for procedures that use stem cells in treating arthritis. You should ask the physician how many stem cell procedures he or she has done.  


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