Benefits of Hydroseeding 

It could be hard to know the ideal way when you require a lawn care. There are many details to go through. Lucky for you, we are going to talk about hydroseeding in Lexington, SC. For people who aren’t familiar with hydroseeding, it is a process that includes making slurry tackifier, mulch, seeds, and fertilizers. This option is very versatile. Once you see what this process has to give, we are sure that you would agree that hydroseeding is the best choice. 


1. Cost 

To get the task completed, hydroseeding is a very cost efficient method. Hand seeding and sodding could be prohibitively costly. They require more laborers and intensive work to accomplish. Even though sodding could be a nice choice, hydroseeding is 4 times much better. 

2. Versatility 

This method is very versatile. If you hire a reputable expert, he or she would provide a lot of various mixtures. These could complete everything, from feeding livestock up to sports fields. A lot of experts even provide custom mixtures. 

3. The Control of Erosion 

Hydroseeding is a good choice for controlling erosion because of the mulch in the slurry. Whatever the surface the mixture is applied, it would always stick. This assures your seeds would grow where you put them, and provides immediate control of erosion. 

4. Quality 

Hydroseeding’s quality is almost the same to those expensive options. The slurry aids to make sure that you would have successful implantation of the seed. Meaning, you will not have to worry about rejection of seed. Also, mixtures could also involve a lot of types of grass. Thus, you could select the best one for your home. 

5. Speed 

Hydroseeding is efficient and fast, unlike traditional ways that take a lot of manpower and a lot of time. This procedure uses spray and could be completed with only 3 people.  

6. Suitable for all Soils 

Oftentimes, sod is not compatible with the soil where it is put. This results in a seed rejection. While it is likely for the hydroseeded mixture to get rejected, it is really rare when you follow the given watering schedule.  

7. Healthier Grass 

The grass roots are cut off with sod. This is one of the factors that could affect the rejection of the seed. However, even if the soil does take the seed, it does not mean that the grass would grow healthy. On the other hand, grass that are hydroseeded work with the germination’s time-tested process.  

8. Even Distribution 

A lawn that is newly sodded could look really great. But, in the future, the sod’s mat will have a chance to shrink. This could build gaps between each row. Good care requires to be done to prevent this situation. On the other hand, hydroseeding could make a uniform and even coating once it is sprayed on your lawn. No extra plantings, no clumping, no shrinkage, no gaps. It will only give you an even and beautiful distribution of grass for your lawn to enjoy.