Lawn Maintenance Tip: Aerating Your Lawn as Part of its Maintenance

Spring and summer are two of the seasons that are perfect to enjoy your lush lawns. It’s fitting and proper that it should take its rest during fall. This could be our time to give the grounds some fresh air, like literally. This is called aerating. It involves the process of coring or scooping holes of our lawns so that nutrients, oxygen, and water can go deep into the deepest of soils. It can also break up the soil that has been hardened and compacted due to heavy use.

Lawn Maintenance Hilton

When aerating as part of lawn maintenance Hilton Head occurs, you get oxygen to reach the deep levels of soil. All the more it can stretch to unbelievable depths if you’ll use machines that have hollow metal tines. This encourages deeper roots; the deeper the roots are, the more it’ll be tolerant on drought, and moreover, be durable. It’s highly encouraged to aerate when the lawns have an active state for growing. In terms of pairing the season with the kind of grass you have for aerating, match your bluegrass, fescue, and rye with the cool season (like August to October); and your St. Augustine, Bermuda, and zoysia with the warm season (April to June).

Do I really need to aerate my lawn?

In lawns that carry the burden of high foot traffic, they have clay soil that tends to be easily compacted. As part of right maintenance, aerating them has to be performed more often. On top of foot traffic, you have to check also how they respond to rain and hot weather. Does the rainwater immediately flow on the lawn with no soaking? Did it turn brown after days of scorching hot weather? If both of these questions receive yes from you, it’s high time to do aerating.

Before aerating

As a responsible homeowner, preparation for aerating is a must. A clear preparation mechanism is watering the lawn for about 1 inch 2 days before you aerate. A practical instrument to pull off a 1-inch requirement is a tuna can in small packaging. Place it at the midsection of the lawn. Turn the water on. If the cup is already filled up, water is now enough. Some people tend to forget to turn off sprinkler if it has reached this point. This results in lawns that have already gobbled. Programmable sprinklers are okay, so long as you already know the timeframe for your lawn to achieve 1 inch of water.

A breath of fresh air in the lawn

The aerator machines’ metal tines will have to penetrate your lawn for 2 inches or so. To take advantage of these holes, you can put the soil mix or fertilizer.

There are garden centers and improvement stores that allow the renting of aerating machines. They range from $60 to $80; it all depends on the length of usage (so you really need to create an estimate on the number of days you’ll be needing it. Also, ask someone to join you if you’ll rent the machine as it’ll be heavy.